Vera Mutafchieva
Academician , PhD in History, researcher, author and journalist

History Populated with People

"History is not just the past itself – impartially preaches Constantine Pogonatos, - but also what we know about the past. A month ago I lost the battle with that disreputable and newly sprung up people. But in the same battle the Khan will suffer defeat, because his enemy is oblivion. Oblivion will hover above Bulgarian victories – Barbarians can make history but cannot write it. Then? It is as if it never happened.
Am I right?"

Vera Mutafchieva, "Foretold by Pagane"

Please answer the questions:

1. What is your name?
2. Where were you born?
3. Why would you like to take part in the project “History Populated with People”.
4. What is your family background? Tell us more about your family history, about your more prominent ancestors?
5. Who were the people that influenced you most in your childhood?
6. How did you decide what to study? Which schools and universities did you go to?
7. Tell us about the teachers you remember? How were they different from the rest?
8. Tell us about your other qualifications.
9. What is your line of work? Tell us more about your professional career.
10. Did you rebel against the rules imposed by society? How did the environment in which you worked and lived influence you?
11. What marks did decisive events from the Bulgarian history leave on your life?
12. How did the past twenty years affect you – did you feel internal conflict with the state and elite or did you endure peacefully the unfolding events?
13. How do you envision the Bulgarian today, twenty years ago, forty years ago?
14. Your e-mail address.
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