Vera Mutafchieva
Academician , PhD in History, researcher, author and journalist


"I remember my true joy when New Bulgarian University was founded."

Vera Mutafchieva, NBU, May 24,  2000.

On May 24, 2000 Vera Mutafchieva was awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of New Bulgarian University – for lifetime contribution. Her academic lecture – “Historical Parallels – Iberia and the Balkans” delivered at the official ceremony for awarding the honorary title, is part of the NBU series “In the Rose Garden. Academic Lectures and Speeches”. A year later, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the university Vera Mutafchieva gave the academic talk “A Speech on Speech”, published in the second issue of NBU’s journal  “To be continued”.

In 2002 Vera Mutafchieva donated the archives of her father, Prof. Petar Mutafchiev, to NBU. Lecture Hall 310 of NBU has been named after him. The archive contains the authentic manuscript of “The History of the Bulgarian People”. “The History of the Bulgarian People” is “one of the most needed, timely and intelligent books, written in the Bulgarian language… a book, which through the inspired and accurate vision of the author pierces perceptively centuries back and elucidates events related to us, which instructs and inspires us and gives new meaning to our present ideals”…” – writes Gueorgi Konstantinov in the June edition of the “Prosveta” journal in 1943, in honor of two occasions – first  - the fortunate advent of this history, its first edition, second – the tragic loss for Bulgarian culture – the demise of Prof. Petar Mutafchiev, just two days after his 60th birthday. The archive is available for research at the Centre for Documents and Archives at NBU. 

New Bulgarian University is the venue where Vera Mutafchieva celebrated her last birthday anniversaries when her latest books were also launched. Vera Mutafchieva and Antonina Zhelyazkova’s book Two”, published by “Guttenberg” in 2002 was also launched at NBU. Vera Mutafchieva’s 75th birthday was commemorated at NBU with a discussion of “Occurrences” и “Curious Occurences”, while her 80th birthday saw the launch of the 12 volume edition, published by “Zhanet 45”.

In 2008 and 2009 Academician Vera Mutafchieva donated 371 volumes from her personal library to NBU. The books have been set apart in a personal library, named after Academician Vera Mutafchieva, which is part of the “Prof. Ivanka Apostolova” Reading room at NBU. The “Vera Mutafchieva” Library contains books in the field of Ottoman studies, Oriental studies and the history of Byzantium. Some of the donated books – old, valuable editions, can be accessed through NBU’s digital library. The project was financed by the university’s Central Strategic Fund and provides electronic access to 52 books.

Among Vera Mutafchieva’s big projects in NBU are a series of lectures, organized by the Department of History and the launch of the project “History populated with people”.

Personal Library "Vera Mutafchieva" - online catalog


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